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Weekend Camping Rules

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1. Camping and parking must be done within the new boundaries shown on the attached maps.

2. You may open the gate, drive in, and park in our area. Please lock the gate while you are on the property and again when you leave. The front gate is not on our property, it is on DNR land and we have a right of way to enter through the gate to gain access to our property. It is expected that this gate will be moved to right at the paved area at some point in the next few months.

3. Scouts and scouters can hike on the rest of the camp, but canít camp there.

4. DNR is doing some work within a lot of the buildings. Troops should make sure that Scouts do not enter any of the buildings. There are significant safety issues surrounding these structures. They must be avoided.

5. There is no potable water on site. Please bring your own water. The faucets may work, but if they are drained will likely cause long term damage. Also, the water in the pipes has been sitting there for two years and should not be consumed.

6. Troops are welcome to use the KYBOs that are remaining on the property.

7. The Rifle Range is ONLY to be used during official council led shooting events.

All other shooting sports activities by individual Scout units are prohibited.

Our agreement with DNR requires 30 written notice and that we have NRA certified instructors on site when the range is in operation. Only .22 caliber bolt action rifles are allowed to be shot at the range.

8. Have fun and please leave your campsite better than you found it.
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