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Iron Man Survival Trek High Adventure Program - 2016

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In an attempt to boost camp attendance by older Scouts,
in 2016 a new program was planned - An exciting, 4 day and 3 night Trek along the shores of Hood Canal and Tahuya Forest will combine COPE, Mountain Biking, Canoeing and Kayaking, Survival Skills, Cooking, Search and Rescue, and more! Trek capacity was limited to 12 boys per week. Available to Scouts 13 & up (13 years old by July 11th), boys may attend this program as a 'Lone Scout', without their Troop.

Day one will feature team building on the COPE Course, followed by mountain bike tuning and repair, to prep your bike for the upcoming trek. You will spend the night in camp, in your own tent.

On day two, we will leave camp on our bikes, riding the trails through Tahuya Forest, and then following 27 miles along the shores of Hood Canal, to the Hahobas Beach Cabin. Once at the beach cabin, you will build your survival shelter near the beach, and wrap up the day with survival style cooking.

Day three will take us to Dewatto Bay via canoe and kayaks, to explore the estuary and stop for lunch, before returning to the cabin. Dinner activities will include 'hunting for food', and a salmon bake, over the open fire. One final night will be spent in the survival shelters.

Day four will include Search and Rescue training, combined with a hunt for a 'lost Scout' en route back to camp. Black powder shooting and a hot meal in the dining hall wraps up the Trek. Scouts who survive the Trek experience will be richly rewarded at the Friday campfire ceremony, with an 'Iron Man Trek' medallion.