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The Twana Peoples - How Camp Hahobas Got Its Name

Camp Hahobas is located on the portion of the eastern side of Hood Canal that falls within the ethnographic territory of the Twana peoples, now largely part of the Skokomish Indian Tribe.

The Hahobas scout camp at Robbins Lake is located just inland from and between two Twana camps formerly located on the Hood Canal shoreline, one, hoho'bas , near Red Bluff, from which the Twana collected red ochre, and bəsaXa·dač, near Little Dewatto Bay (Elmendorf 1992: 52). The name of the Scout camp is derived from the former.

In the 1960's, the Hahobas Scout Reservation was divided into two camps; Camp Tahoma and Camp Twana, names also derived from the local peoples.

Twana traditional lifeways were, like those of other Coast Salish peoples, based on management of marine and terrestrial resources including salmon, marine mammals, shellf... Read More

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