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Hahobas History

A One Camp Plan

Camp Hahobas - A One Camp Plan

Camp Hahobas - A One Camp Plan

A Bridge to the Future - A one camp plan

Dear Scouters,

Over the past year there has been a group of volunteers that have dedicated themselves to looking at the future of the Pacific Harbors Council and serving the units and Scouts of our area. They have embarked upon a path to meet your needs with programs that are embodied within the Scout Oath and Law.

After a year-long deliberation, the full board of the Pacific Harbors Council of the Boy Scouts of America voted on Wednesday night to implement a one camp plan to enhance the camp experience and grow our programs especially for new Scouts and families.

Over the last decade the membership in our council has declined by almost 40%. With that, the usage of our properties has also had a significant decline. Only 19% of our units attend summer camp at Camp Hahobas. The result of this under utilization is that that the council has subsidized the financial losses by borrowing money. In addition, the lack of investment in the ... Read More

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Council Executive Board Actions Regarding the Sale of Camp Hahobas

On December 16, 2015 The Executive Board of the Pacific Harbors Council voted to close the Camp Hahobas summer camp program and three other Council properties: Camp Delezenne, Camp Curran and Camp Kilworth.

The board also approved preparations for Camp Hahobas and the other properties to be put on the market for sale.

On Monday, February 25, 2019, the Council closed on the sale of a majority of the camp property to the DNR and the Great Peninsula Conservancy, leaving the remaining 122 acres of Camp Hahobas under Council ownership, which will be opened for rustic camping by Scout units in the near future.

On Thursday, April 18, 2019, the Council Executive Board voted unanimously to open the camp for 'Wilderness Camping' starting May 1, 2019.

The remaining camp property includes the rifle and archery ranges, the Bear Bowl, the Nature Lodge, Environmental Science Lodge, Fruitcake Lodge, Handicrafts Lodge, Twana Lodge, U Lake and the Robbins Lake waterfront.

The property p ... Read More

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A One Camp Plan   Camp Staff   Early Camp History   Traditions and Stories   
William Seymour   
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